Clothe Yourself in Righteousness

Jon’s ambitious new project on Quakerism and nakedness: how Early Friends would strip down and go naked through the streets in 17th century England, exploring how he is called as an artist to do the same.

Jon teamed up with Quaker minister Maggie Harrison, musicians Marina Vishnyakova and Jake Thro, and filmmaker Tom Clement for this multi-media exploration of Nakedness before God. Powerful. Bare. Find out more.

One thought on “Clothe Yourself in Righteousness”

  1. Hello Jon,

    I’m sharing a link to this page at an event called music as meditation today. A friend of mine and I are going to play some music that Solomon Eckles wrote before he went naked in Smithfield marketplace. I hope you are well and still making music and most of all thinking deeply about living.
    -Ellen Schwindt
    (Baird Dillon’s mom)

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