I do videography, web content strategy, social media campaigns, podcasting, and audio production. Please check out some examples of my work below and contact me if you have a project that you need help with.


I have been doing professional-level, social-media-targeted videography for 5 years, beginning with my own YouTube channel (which now has over 350,000 views) and later collaborating with Friends Journal to launch the QuakerSpeak channel (over a million views). I also do quick promos for the occasional client, which you’ll find a few of below.

(See also, QuakerSpeak)

Web content strategy

As the founder and director of QuakerSpeak (an award winning multimedia series in its third year) for Friends Journal, I film and edit the project and develop the social media strategy that has successfully built up over 15,000 subscribers and over a million views in just 3 years. Below are 3 of our most popular videos.

Much of the power of the project is derived from our consistency and quantity of content. If you want to be impressed by either of those, check out this playlist. For a full view of the scope of QuakerSpeak’s reach, check out the project’s social media feeds:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


In 2016 QuakerSpeak launched a weekly podcast based on our video interviews. I host and edit the podcast.

More episodes here.

Audio production

I do all of my own recording and audio production. You can find my latest work on my soundcloud below, and my full albums here. I’ve also worked with various independent artists to record, mix and master their projects.