We Don’t Need A Holiday To Give Thanks!

As Quakers, we traditionally do not honor traditions such as Christmas, Halloween, the naming of weeks and months, swearing on the Bible.

Wait… what? Does anybody actually do this anymore?

Nobody that I know. The Quakers I know call the days of the week by their names, eat a giant turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and unwrap presents on Christmas morning.

The only difference between us and the rest of the culture is that we might participate in “Buy Nothing Day” rather than Black Friday (but then we go shopping all the same).

My question is: have we lost something?

By celebrating holidays (“holy” days?) with the rest of the culture, are we consolidating our worship of God? Are we trivializing it?

The answer, for me, is: absolutely.
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What Television (TV) Stations Are Shown at Planet Fitness?

So, like most folks, I wanted to schedule my visits to the gym around the TV Schedule. But when I googled “What TV Stations Play at Planet Fitness”, there was nothing! So I thought I’d be a gentleman and offer the photo that I snapped today.

This is going to be totally different than most of what I post. I usually blog about Quakers or my own music, but I recently joined a Planet Fitness gym, which has a row of televisions in front of the exercise machinery.
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