Mar 20 2012

Another Bike Ride!!

Long Awaited

I have been trying to get back on my bike ever since last Summer, when I was working around the clock to try to finish Clothe Yourself in Righteousness, and ever since I have been on the go non stop trying to promote it.

Needless to say, I am not at my best when I never take a break. My schedule has simply not allowed, however, for the type of trip that I did in 2010 on the Two Wheel Tour. But all of my art would be so much better if I did!

Jon Watts and his Radish

Faster Than Walking

There are so many reasons to be excited about slow travel, but the one that really stands out for me (above all the reactive reasons) is joy. I have been thinking back to this blog post that I wrote for the Two Wheel Tour.

It would be easy for me to spout off a guilt-based justification about how quickly our society is killing the Earth, and how each of us is individually contributing a great deal to that destruction by owning and over-using personal vehicles. And it would be true. I do feel guilty and hypocritical about simultaneously mourning the destruction of the natural world and contributing to it.

But the deeper reason why I am riding my bike the 600 miles to Boston: I find driving, for all of it’s convenience, to be spiritually deadening.

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This bike runs on fat and saves you money.


So I’ve figured out a way to ride from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia on my Xtracycle Radish in between mine and Maggie’s upcoming shows. You are totally welcome to join me for any leg of it, just contact me.

I think I’ll be leaving:

  • Richmond around Tuesday March 28th
  • DC around Friday March 30th
  • Baltimore around Sunday April 1st

I’m familiar with these road now so don’t need a guide! But I always love having company!

Nov 17 2010

Listen to an Interview With Jon Watts About His 1,000-Mile Bike Ride

Last Spring, Jon Watts rode his bike from Virginia to Boston and then continued on to Buffalo, NY. In two months, Jon played 18 shows and covered 1,000 miles carrying 120 pounds of gear on the back of his bicycle in what ended up being a successful attempt at finding an alternative way to do a musical tour.
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Nov 10 2010

Tune in to hear a live interview with Jon about his bike tour

Last Spring, Jon rode 1,000 miles on a bicycle loaded down with 120 pounds of gear, playing shows all along the East Coast Corridor on the 2010 Two Wheel Tour.

It was intense. It was challenging. It was fun. It was an adventure, to be sure.
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Jul 27 2010

Bicycling into New York City part II: Biking into Manhattan on the George Washington Bridge

This is the second in a 3 part series on biking into Manhattan.
read Part One

Richmond to Boston on a bicycle

Me with all my gear loaded on my Xtracycle.

Me with all my gear loaded on my Xtracycle.

I recently completed a 1,000 mile bike tour in which I lugged all of my musical equipment from Richmond to Boston and then on to Buffalo.

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Jul 14 2010

Xtracycle Radish Tour Vlog

Xtracycle Radish Tour

For the past three months I have been touring on an Xtracycle Radish. From Richmond to Boston and then on to Buffalo, NY, I ended up riding about 1,000 miles with all of my gear, which turned out to be about 120 Lbs. (!)

Click here to find out how I fit all of

that equipment onto my bike.

Two Wheel Tour Vlog

For ten weeks, I recorded and uploaded a vlog every week, which included footage from my performances and from the ride… and revealed some of the secrets of how I made my trip happen!

Now, for the first time, all of that footage is combined into one window. You can watch all the way through or find the most interesting episodes, all from this page!

Jul 2 2010

Final Vlog!!! The end of the Two Wheel Tour… VA to Boston to Buffalo on an Xtracycle Radish!!!

Final Vlog Episode! In two months I played 20 shows, biked a thousand miles, spread the word about my music in 10 states, posted 18 videos online, redesigned my website and loved every minute of it! Here now (after a quick and much-deserved break) is the final video in my two wheel tour series. This vlog episode covers the last leg of my trip, including shows at Ithaca Quaker Meeting, Alfred Friends Meeting, Rochester Friends Meeting, Buffalo NY and the Farmington-Scipio Regional Gathering.

Paula’s Project, “Velo Hello”:

Lily’s Documentary Trailer:

Larry’s Xtracycle Blog:

My Show Schedule at FGC:

Thank You’s:

Jul 1 2010

Thank You!

A great big thank you to everyone who helped support my recent bicycle tour from Richmond to Boston and beyond.
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May 10 2010

ep. 10: Xtracycle Radish Tour Extension!! | The Meeting School | Chenex

Vlog #10 in my Two Wheel Tour Series. After a good time in Boston and playing for the Chenery Middle School Extension Program, I made it to The Meeting School. Decision time! After much discernment, I have decided to stay on my Xtracycle Radish for the next three week tour in the Farmington-Scipio region of upstate New York.

How (Not) To Bike Into Manhattan:

Farmington-Scipio Tour Schedule:

More Info on The Meeting School:

May 10 2010

Bicycling into New York City Part I: How (not) to Bike into Manhattan

This is the first in a 3 part series on biking into Manhattan.
read Part Two

Richmond to Boston on a Bike

Me with all my gear loaded on my Xtracycle.

Me with all my gear loaded on my Xtracycle.

When I first announced that I was going to ride my bike from Richmond to Boston, one of the first questions that most people asked was: “How are you going to get into Manhattan?”
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May 4 2010

ep. 9: I made it to Boston!!! Moses Brown Friends School & Friends Meeting at Cambridge

Vlog # 9 in my Two Wheel Tour series. In this episode I bike the final leg of my journey from Manhattan to Beacon Hill Friends House in Boston and share music with Moses Brown Friends School and Friends Meeting at Cambridge.

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Apr 25 2010

ep. 8: Brooklyn Friends School & Meeting, Newtown Friends School

Vlog #8 in my two wheel tour series. Made it from Trenton to Brooklyn and had the opportunity to perform for Brooklyn Friends Meeting and School, after staying in Newtown for an extra day to perform for the friends school there. Got to meet Andy Cohen of the Bridge Film Festival. Question of the day: How should I celebrate the end of my trip? (responses in the comment section below)

Brooklyn Friends School Performance:

Bridge Film Festival:

Apr 19 2010

ep. 7: Westtown School | Downingtown Friends Meeting | Solebury

Vlog # 7 in my Two Wheel Tour series. In this episode I bike from Baltimore to Philadelphia, a show for Westtown School, Downingtown Friends Meeting and Solebury. Question of the day: How do you get into Manhattan on a bike? (responses in the comment section below)

Join me!

Performance at Downingtown:

Apr 12 2010

ep. 6: Friends School of Baltimore | The Custis Trail in DC |

Vlog # 6 in my Two Wheel Tour series. In this episode I bike from DC to Baltimore via the Custis Trail, enjoy a show with the Middle School at Friends School of Baltimore and announcing! Question of the day: What would you like to ask me? (responses in the comment section below)


New Spoken Word Piece:

Apr 11 2010

“Together We Compose” at Friends School of Baltimore

Jon stopped in at Friends School of Baltimore on his 2010 Two Wheel Tour and performed a few songs for the Middle School students. This piece is called “Together We Compose This Bloody, Bleeding, Beating Drum”

Apr 9 2010 Calls Jon “The Most Heroic Hero of the Decade”

The Most Heroic Hero of the Decade, Maybe the Century