Quakers believe that in order to do the most real good, we must lay down our own wanting and striving. Instead, we strive to be as faithful as we can be.

My life has been an adventure of seeking, finding, doing, re-evaluating, and relearning what my work is that would be most useful in the world.

Most recently, I have been called to be the project manager for QuakerSpeak. I film and edit the interviews that we release once a week, and also host the podcast. It’s been amazing to see it grow into a project that has more than 15,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views in just 3 years.

Before launching the QuakerSpeak project, I was a full time musician. I still work with audio a lot (my first love). In fact, I made all of the music that we use for QuakerSpeak.

I do all of my own recording, mixing, and mastering and I’ve done that for a few other artists.

I live in Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for reading about me! Questions? Get in touch.