Hello! I am a videographer and social media strategist in Philadelphia.

My life has been an adventure of seeking, finding, doing, re-evaluating, and relearning what my work is that would be most useful in the world.

Most recently, I have been called to be the project manager for QuakerSpeak. I film and edit the interviews that we release once a week, and also host the podcast. It’s been amazing to see it grow into a project that has more than 25,000 subscribers and 2 million views¬†in just 5 years.

Before launching the QuakerSpeak project, I was a full time musician. I still work with audio a lot (my first love). In fact, I made all of the music that we use for QuakerSpeak.

I do all of my own audio recording, mixing, and mastering and I’m always happy to help out other artists.

I live in Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for reading about me! Questions? Get in touch.