Hello! I’m Jon Watts, Quaker songwriter and video creator. In 2014 I founded a youtube channel called QuakerSpeak. Over the following 6 years, I produced 220 videos and brought 3.5 million new eyes to the Religious Society of Friends.

Before QuakerSpeak, I was a full time singer-songwriter and released 3 albums of Quaker-inspired music.

Having passed the QuakerSpeak torch to a new director, I am striking out in search of my next project. I’d love to share the journey with you! Please enter your email below to join me, and receive a free download of my latest EP.

Growing Up Quaker

I grew up in an intentional community of 6 Quaker families outside of Richmond, Virginia

My parents became Quaker just before I was born, so I came of age in Richmond Friends Meeting and Baltimore Yearly Meeting, including the camping program and Young Friends community

A Few Songs Occasioned

Pendle Hill
The Art of Fully Being

Served as the Kenneth Carol Quaker History Scholar at Pendle Hill in the resident student program


Spent 5 years traveling and sharing songs among Friends, sometimes on my Xtracycle cargo bicycle

Clothe Yourself in Righteousness

Moved to West Philly in 2010, where I recorded an album about early Quakers going naked through the streets of 17th century London


In 2013 I founded the QuakerSpeak Youtube channel and spent the next 6 years traveling and interviewing Quakers. In my time working on the project, I posted 223 videos, won awards, and garnered over 2.5 million views.

In December of 2019 I handed the directorship of QuakerSpeak off to a new voice and set off on a journey to find my next project.

Discerning the Future

Now I’m seeking my next project. Will you join me for the journey?

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