Interview with Earlham School of Religion

Music and Ministry Among Friends: An Interview with Jon Watts

“One of my favorite Quakers Jim Corbett said ‘Verse can make false inspiration obvious, even when a line almost fits… a line that fails to fit is obvious to meta-conscious awareness, which recognizes contrived inspiration the same way it recognizes an idol. A line that fails to fit holds attention in the present, while the composer stops to listen for the line that has meta-conscious approval.’

People with a gift of ministry have that gift whether we name it and support them in it or not. When I am writing a song, I am being faithful to God. Period. If I’m not, we’ll all be able to hear it, because the song will suck.

You know that one line in your favorite artist’s most recent album that makes you cringe when you hear it? Yeah, that’s the “not God”. That artist had to meet a deadline or forgot what it was all about for a moment and forced it through. Sometimes it takes a painful amount of waiting. But that’s better than releasing crappy songs.”

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