Quakerism 101 with Max Carter

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When we were filming the scene in the hut for the music video, Tom Clement and I had some down time with Max Carter and, having asked him to prepare a brief lecture on the history of Quakerism for the video, decided to let him run once through the whole thing.

What’s amazing about what follows is that Max did this without flinching, as Tom and I were moving around the room trying to get everything ready for filming the music video.

As I looked back over the footage, I realized that there is simply no online resource as concise and comprehensive as the (less than) five minute talk Max had just given. I went to work with the visuals, and would say, humbly, that the result is as good as the music video (some might say better!)

3 thoughts on “Quakerism 101 with Max Carter”

  1. Dear Max,
    I don’t think we have ever met, but I do want to say how say how right to the mark your brief discussion of early Friends was. I enjoyed it. Quaker history is making a comeback of sorts and although I am not, for the present at least, writing about Friends. I am trying to keep abreast of what others, Ben P-D, Carol Spencer, Tom Hamm and others are saying. I’ll have to add you to my list.
    Peace and best regards,
    Tom Kennedy

  2. 1997 Guilford Grad – just found this and am so pleased to see the Hut, Max Carter, and good folk streaking across our beloved Guilford as so many of us have done. Well done lad!

  3. THANK you for this……Now I have something accurate and concise that I can give a friend who keeps asking me to define what I am…I’m a friend, a quaker, a Christian, I’m learning to love Jesus more and sit in quiet…let him fill me…listen to the Spirit…without saying all of what we are trying to be….do, how we are trying to live out…This guy, and you song runners, writers, were able to capture some sort of essence of what many of us unprogrammed/programmed friends well, who we seek to be…I love the whole: get naked let it hang stuff, because, you’re right, so many layers, and when you just aren’t a box person to begin with and THEN they have you put on all these layers over the box, well, you get the stuffy message I’m trying to say…so Thank you NOT only for the breath of fresh air…but the short origins info as well, i slept through half my baptist herritage class, and so, that was a very good refresher thank you…and I’m ready to hear more music!!

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