Apr 19 2014

The Birth of QuakerSpeak

A little vlog I did to explain my new project.

Nov 22 2013

“Hesitant Evidence”

It is the one year anniversary of my instrumental album! In celebration, here is a video that I forgot to post!

I shot this while at Fallsington Friends Meeting, whose members were incredibly kind to host my studio while I prepared to record “Clothe Yourself in Righteousness”. Many thanks to them for opening up their beautiful space.

Full album here.

Oct 17 2013

Quaker Epistle, Set to Music!

A few weeks ago a Friend in England Facebooked me to see if I’d put music to an epistle that she had a part in writing. The epistle is the Kabarak Call for Peace and Eco-Justice. Here’s my rendition:

+Click to show epistle

Aug 29 2013

How to Play “Walk in the Light” (The George Fox Song)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been singing this song about George Fox, a man who is widely regarded as the founder of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

When I became a singer-songwriter and started sharing some of my music with Quakers, I started getting a lot of requests for it. Though I was never a “singalong” musician (I have my own song that I wrote about Fox), I loosened up and learned the chords. If you’re looking to learn how to play the George Fox Song, I’ll post the chords and lyrics just below this video.

+Click to show chords

+Click to show lyrics

May 21 2013

12 Pieces of Advice for Quakers on the Internet

I recently said in an interview with Friends Journal that I would like to challenge Friends to get clear about our relationship with the internet.

Getting clear would look like one of these two things:

A. We come together as Friends and find unity to FULLY REJECT casual use of the internet.
(If the idea makes you snort in disbelief, consider the precedence of our previous outward testimonies: rejection of war, alcohol, slavery)
B. We EMBRACE the internet as a powerful tool with which Friends can spread the word about our ministries, as the Early Quakers did with the printing press.

We are at a mighty crossroads in history. There is no excuse for us to be doing this half-in/half-out thing.
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May 9 2013

Friends Journal Interview!

A few months ago Martin Kelley invited me into the Friends Journal offices to talk about Quakerism and the arts, though as usual the Spirit called the conversation to the most direct and crucial elements of our faith journey.

Read the full interview here.

Jon Watts Friends Journal Interview

Apr 29 2013

Desperately Seeking Connections

This is an instrumental, from The Art of Fully Being. I put some pictures to it.

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Mar 17 2013

Download My New Song For Free!

This is my most ambitious song. I don’t say that lightly… my last full length contained some pretty epic stuff (see: this). But this one has more tongue twisters than that lady on the seashore. And the music cuts out. Twice. And the whole song shifts halfway through. Not to mention the cello work by Jake Thro

But why keep talking about it? Listen:

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Feb 18 2013

We Must Cut Our Military Budget and Re-invest in Our Communities!


Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is doing a week of action to bring the national conversation around to our bloated military budget. No self-described peace loving nation would ever (in its right mind) spend this much on war!

You can get involved!

Just download this form, print it out and post it online!
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Dec 9 2012

Why You Should Listen to Eyedea

In the year 2000, when I was first getting into underground hip hop, I came across this rapper from Minneapolis who blew my mind.
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Nov 30 2012

Are YOU Ready for the Quaker Revival?

I have a confession to make: sometimes when I look at the state of our religious society today, what I see is bleak.

I see a lot of white, middle class Americans passing off white, middle class culture as essentially Quaker.

I see us catering heavily to Friends in their twilight years and losing the interest of young people who are excited and ready for transformation.
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Nov 27 2012

Instrumental Album Out Today!!

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to announce to you that my instrumental album is fully available for streaming and download, starting today.

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Nov 26 2012

Final Videosong Posted!


I am very excited to announce the final video in the Clothe Yourself in Righteousness series. Please take a look:

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Nov 25 2012

Everything’s on Sale at JonWatts.com!

Dear Friends,

It’s that time of year again! After all of my ranting about the dangers of consumerism, I’m going to contradict all of that by encouraging you to buy my stuff!
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Nov 19 2012

We Don’t Need A Holiday To Give Thanks!

As Quakers, we traditionally do not honor traditions such as Christmas, Halloween, the naming of weeks and months, swearing on the Bible.

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