Music from QuakerSpeak

I’ve been asked a lot in the past 3 years about the music that we use for QuakerSpeak episodes. Mostly when I need music for the project, I just search back through my archive and use a piece that I’ve never released. Sometimes I’ve composed an instrumental or two for the project. But I’ve never made the music publicly available on it’s own, until now.

Listen to all of the music from QuakerSpeak Season 1 & 2 below, and feel free to download the mp3’s. I’m composing music for Season 4 now, so keep an eye out for the next compilation!

If You Fall (Remix by Jon Watts feat. Jacob Williamson)

It’s been a rough week, everybody. I’m posting this track as an offering… hopefully by listening you find a fraction of the solace that I found in remixing it. It was an honor to have the opportunity. Also noteworthy in that it is my first ever remix.

Original track by the gentle and talented Jacob Williamson. Artwork by Zoe Williamson.